Responsibility is a concept we have encoded in our genes.

Legally, morally and ethically, it is embedded in the vision, mission and values ​​of the company, which is therefore the Central European leader in the production of promotional clothing and a leading producer of workwear.

"One is great in that one feels responsible. Responsible for the fate of the people, within reach of their activities. ”- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


In the spirit of the mentioned quote, we also work with our responsibility. Responsibilities not only corporate, but also personal, the responsibility of each of our employees. We realize that our children will live on the planet we leave behind and will treat each other as we set an example for them.



We love people, people in our immediate vicinity, our colleagues, and people in distant places where our company operates. We realize that without responsible people in the company we would not have achieved such great results, thanks to which we can help those with a less supportive destiny.


We are responsible to all children on Earth. Because of their future, we monitor and reduce the environmental impact of our business. We take electricity from the sun, reduce the negative traffic of vehicles, minimize waste and develop new textile eco-products for you.



We are responsible in the economic field towards you, our customers and suppliers, but also towards shareholders and competitors. Our work is based on adhering to the principles of corporate values ​​and the code of ethics. Our goal is the long-term sustainable growth of the company.